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Thornton… the place the tourists miss!

Much neglected and often ignored, Thornton is the place the tourists miss! William the Conqueror did not overlook Thornton. It appears in his Doomsday survey as Torenton, relating to the abundance of gorse, hawthorn and similar vegetation, which grew hereabouts. The village can proudly boast of being the birth place of most of the Bronte children, which sometimes brings tourists on a fleeting visit as they make their pilgrimage to nearby Haworth. We will deal firstly with the Bronte era in Thornton Village, which seems to only warrant just a few lines in most of the publications concerning the earlier years of the Bronte family. The Bronte’s arrived in Thornton in 1815. Patrick Bronte was to take up his duties as incumbent with his young wife Maria. They moved into No 74 Market Street, the local vicarage, with their two babies, Maria and Elizabeth. In this house were born the following members of the Bronte family, Charlotte 1816, Patrick Branwell 1817, Emily Jane 1818 and Anne 1820. Patrick preached at the ancient St. James or Bell Chapel. The building in those days would have appeared a forbidding place, in present days it’s original form is difficult to imagine. The ruins can be found across the Main Road from the new Church. All that can be seen is the east window and the top of the bell tower standing in...

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Issue 81 – Thornton Directory – February 2015

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to a brand new look Thornton Directory and introduce myself as your new editor. Firstly a huge thanks should go to former owner and editor, Martin Wild. The Thornton Directory started in 2007 and according to our records, Martin published eighty editions in those eight years. In that time he has done a fantastic job of shaping the publication to be one of West Yorkshire’s leading community news & business directories, promoting local trade. As we enter our ninth year, I have the proud job of taking the publication into a new era. I am fortunate to have a great team of contributors who regularly write articles and a fantastic group of distributors who get the Thornton Directory through your doors. The future plan is very much business as usual. Although we will add new features as the months go by. It’s been great catching up with lots of local businesses this month and I’m looking forward to getting to meet more of you as the months go by. I will be at the Thornton Means Business event (see pg7) this month, so make sure you come and say hello. In this edition, check out the special offers for our readers from our local businesses. Just a reminder, to stop you getting in to bother, that its Valentines Day this month....

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